consciousness coaching

Explore your being, together

If you’ve been floating with us for awhile you’ve probably noticed that sometimes the biggest shifts actually happen during reflection or a conversation in the post-float lounge. Sometimes becoming yourself is easier when you have someone to share the journey with and who will reflect a new light into your inner world.

You can now get the support you’re looking for to discover your next level. Explore consciousness coaching to peel back the layers and connect even deeper with your inner being. You are not alone.

So, if you are a regular floater and want to maximise your effortlessness and flow towards consciousness, then let’s see if float coaching is for you.

WHAT: 30 minute Zoom coaching sessions for regular floaters with Kate Hindmarsh

COST: $70 per session

HOW: the first step is to consider if float coaching is the best option for you. Please click the button below to touch base with our coach.

your coach

Kate fills you up with her warm heart and peels you back with her keen insight. Among many things, Kate is a qualified life coach, meditator, inner explorer and professional floater (well she doesn’t get paid much for floating but she does float – a lot!). She is looking forward to helping you connect to your deepest self, your inner wisdom, and gain the trust in yourself to go into the depths of your being.

Kate, thanks so much for your time yesterday… precious opportunity and reminder of the power of potent questions, talking out loud and the open ear of holding space – what a gift it is. Thank you so much for everything.

Annie, Mc.