Why float indeed. The simple answer is to get good at life! Feel better, perform better, let go of our self-imposed limitations and deepen the connection with ourselves and our innate potential.

Over the years there have been many research papers, books and articles written about the benefits of floating and even why it should be accessible to every household! People come to floating for all kinds of reasons. From being stressed physically or mentally and needing a release, to overcome anxiety or addictions, injury recovery, relaxation, meditation, improve sleep, boost their immune system… it’s been found to be great for all that and more.

In our typically over stimulated, high achieving, chasing shadows society, floating answers the highly successful entrepreneur and best selling author, Garry Keller’s, powerful question:

What is the one thing you can do, such that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary?

This is the magic of floating.

Tim Ferriss, ‘self-improvement master’ and author of “The 4-Hour Work Week”, briefly describes his experiences with floating…

Medical Practitioner, Dr. Wiessman gives an insightful view of why he values this a life tool.



Cocooned in a warm, quiet sanctuary – it’s a magical experience of floating weightlessly in a giant bathtub. Unlike the more typical ‘pod’ style float tank we have float rooms that are 2 metres high, nearly 2.5 metres long and 1.4 metres wide complete with a beautiful starlight ceiling.

The water is held at skin temperature and the salts mean you float effortlessly, so once you venture to turn the lighting options off you are floating in total darkness. The outside world disappears for an hour. Meanwhile, you’re released from the strain of gravitational forces and protected from external stimuli which means your body and mind slip into a deep state of relaxation and regeneration.

Once your float session is complete you will have time to transition and let yourself settle back into the world of gravity. We have refreshing tea and a cosy lounge for you to chill out in before you head back out into the world. We are always about if you have any questions or want to chat about your experience.


If you are new to Liquid Zen, we will step you through the process and answer any of your floating questions. Come with an open mind and let the process give you what you need on the day. After you’ve been floating a few times you’ll discover the best approach is to expect nothing.

If this is your first time floating then you might also like to check out the FIRST TIMER page to learn the ‘how to’ of floating so you can feel like a pro.


Floating is a safe nurturing way to achieve deep mental and physical relaxation.

At Liquid Zen we provide Floatation Therapy or, if you like, Floatation Restricted Environmental  Stimulation Therapy (REST) – but that’s a bit of a mouth full! Other terms that have been associated with float therapy, but can be somewhat misleading, are ‘sensory deprivation’ or ‘isolation therapy’. There are various ‘floating therapy’ options on the market but not all provide the reduced sensory input that we strive to deliver.

It is this reduction of external stimuli that creates the greatest benefits of floatation therapy. Our float rooms are designed to:

  • minimise the effects of gravity on the body by suspending it in a solution containing 500 kg of Epson salt (Magnesium Sulphate)
  • provide the option of total darkness
  • minimise sound interference so that you can hear your own body
  • and ultimately allow you to forget your body entirely as it merges with the specifically controlled water temperature.


Enthusiasts of floatation therapy and researchers alike report a host of benefits. Your muscles can relax completely, your mind can become quiet and still, and you can achieve a feeling of weightlessness and utter relaxation that cannot be found elsewhere. The benefits of this unique experience are diverse and may include:


It’s powerful how the quiet, distraction-free environment of the float room helps our brain achieve an unusually deep state of relaxation even if you don’t know how to meditate! Everything you experience while floating comes from within yourself. It provides the opportunity to open to new insights and reconnect to your own potential.


Your level of concentration, knowledge absorption, creative flow and performance enhancement is significantly increased. Stress levels go down and your mood goes up.


Did you know that floatation therapy is a tool utilised by the Australian Institute of Sport?
While you float your parasympathetic response kicks in, allowing healing that can only be accessed in deep relaxation. This speeds up injury recovery, reduces chronic pain, relieves insomnia, supports your immune system and much more. The sensory deprivation in our float rooms stimulates this response naturally and every time you float it’s reinforced so that the effects become stronger and last longer.

Floating may also help if you experience challenges in any of these areas:


For the latest COVID management update at Liquid Zen check out our blog: YOUR WELLBEING DURING COVID-19

Our first line of defence when it comes to protecting guests from contagious diseases is to only have healthy people visit. This means anyone, including staff, who has had contact with or has personally been suffering from any symptoms of contagious diseases is asked not to come to our premises until they are clear.

Personal hygiene is paramount. The more you as a customer are aware of good hygiene practices the safer you are – keeping your hands clean, avoid touching your face or anything unnecessary. Given we sanitise all touch points, keeping your contact to obvious places such as handles is the best bet. We offer hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser for both guests and staff. Our staff are trained in personal hygiene measures and also complete the Australian Government’s COVID-19 Infection Control Training. Guests also shower twice during their visit so are squeaky clean.

Disinfection: We disinfect touch points so that anything you have to touch is clean. The float room water in filtered and disinfected between floats sessions – see HOW IS THE WATER CLEANED below.

Ventilation: our float rooms and suite rooms are aired and have fans continually running between guests. There is a minimum of eight complete cycles of fresh air (individually vented outside) between float sessions.

Maintaining social distance: we prefer to call it personal space and we give you plenty of it and you can easily self-regulate this. We have a staggered float schedule to give more time and space for each customer. You have a suite room and float room all to yourself – an easy way to ensure your social distance 😉 and in the lounge we have a 10 minute “egg-timer” to help you manage any cross-over time.

Immunity Boosting: floating is well known to reduce the stress response and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxation response). Stress on the other hand compromises the immune system, so floating in a well operated float studio is a great supplement to your immune strengthening and well being practices.  Because of the mind body connection providing yourself with genuine self-care can shift negative energy towards more positive and greater well being. We also shower you with love and good vibes 🙂

We ensure sanitation of the floatation water in a number of ways:

  • Minimise contaminants (shower before each float)
  • Cartridge filter screens out the finest particles
  • Bromide to control microorganisms
  • High salt content acts a a natural steriliser

In short, it’s much safer than using a public pool or spa.

Please bring as little with you as possible. We provide all the essentials for floating. If you require them you may wish to bring a hair brush and something to put your contact lenses in.

Yes we do 🙂

Follow this link GIFT VOUCHERS

The salt used to create the buoyancy is pharmaceutical Magnesium Sulphate. Commonly know as Epsom Salt it relieves aches & pain, helps detox the body, and improves overall health. Magnesium deficiency is common and via the skin is a highly effective way of absorbing essential minerals like magnesium & sulfates.

Unlikely because our rooms are huge! We have the largest float ‘tank’ on the market. It’s actually a full sized room rather than the more common ‘tank/pod’ variety. The extra space and inbuilt ventilation also improves the air quality for the duration. Being in the room is like floating in space.

People with extreme cases of claustrophobia may have to build up to the full sensory deprivation experience. You’re always in control of your environment. You can float by star light or turn the main light on/off at any time. You may even keep the door ajar if you prefer.

Falling asleep is common and is a good indicator that you really needed some time out. You float on your back and because of the high salt content of the water you will remain buoyant on the surface whether you’re asleep or not. If you happen to roll over in your sleep the sting of the salt will soon wake you up!

Our aim is to make floating as accessible as we can. If you feel you need some extra support or have any concerns about your ability to float please call us and we will be happy to discuss solutions with you. Floating has so many benefits physically and mentally and we will do what we can so that you can experience this for yourself.

Absolutely. We have three single float rooms available. We do have staggered float times so you may be starting 10-15 minutes apart but you can catch up in our post-float lounge afterwards. Book here.

You need to be 18 or over to float without parental support.

If you are 16-17 years old have your parent contact us and we will advise them as to how to book you in. They will also sign a ‘float agreement’ on your behalf.

If you are 12-16 years old you may still be able to float with us but please have your parents contact us to discuss. Also note that one of your parents needs to have experienced floating with us.

See our PRICES page for your float pricing options.

Each women knows her body best. You can float when you have your period if the flow can be easily managed with a tampon or menstrual cup (or similar) for at least an hour. If you encounter extra high flow at any stage during your period, then you are best to select a more suitable time in your cycle to float. Please call to discuss if in doubt.

To maintain high water quality we ask all guests to shower before entering the float room and, if you are using a tampon, that you replace it with a fresh one after your last visit to the toilet. You will have the opportunity to use our toilet before you float.

The menstrual cycle is a great reminder to acknowledge our feminine needs and take advantage of supportive therapies like floating to ease any tension.

You can change your booking up to 12 hours prior to your appointment, otherwise, please see our cancellation policy. To change your booking go to online scheduling here.

We understand unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. In fairness to all clients and ourselves, we have the following policies in place.


If you need to cancel your booking within 12 hours of your float session you will be given the opportunity to contribute towards a cancellation fee. At the time, you choose the value you wish to contribute for the cancellation.


In fairness to all clients and ourselves we will not reschedule your booking if you inadvertently miss your appointment. Your booking will be treated as delivered and full fees will be charged. We have a reminder system in place so that the chance of you forgetting is minimised 🙂


If you arrive a little late, will will do our best to provide your full session but it may be shortened in order to accommodate other appointments following yours. Depending on how late you arrive, it will be determined if there is enough time to complete your session. You will be charge the full session price. Reminder: The time slot you book is your start time, so please arrive a little early to make the most of your session.


You can change your booking online up to 12 hours prior to your appointment. Go to online scheduling here.

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