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Why wouldn’t you want to live from abundance, to be open and tapped into your inner power, and be connected to your own hearts?

The pivotal point is making the space. Just taking moments, unplugging from your daily life and letting go of expectations. That is when you can start creating what you really want and you begin to understand the power of ‘being’, to experience inner peace.

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Enthusiasts of floatation therapy and researchers alike report a host of benefits. The perfect antidote to our busy lives. Finding more inner peace is so doable. So, take a step toward better sleep, less stress and improved performance. Download our Beginner’s Guide to Floating to gain an insight on what awaits you.

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A deep dive into what it means to be you at your core. We all want answers and yet this is a journey of living the questions. Pranic Floating, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, workshops. Tools to move beyond our busy and limiting minds – creating a space of mental clarity and peace, healing and expanded possibilities. Most of us don’t know just how powerful we really are!

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Fast, effortless path to your inner zen guaranteed!
When you sign up for our introductory special of three floats, we make a promise that you will feel better after your three week trial or your money back. Which means you can float risk free!


My first floating experience was a little bit daunting as I didn’t know what to expect – now I can’t wait to go back!  It was the best ever sleep that night – 12 hours, and I don’t think I moved once!  I thoroughly recommend as one of the deepest relaxation experiences you may ever encounter.

R. Young , Launceston

Float has freed me from the chronic back pain that was with me for over 30 years. I used to take at least 10-12 painkillers to start my day, by bedtime this number would go up to 18-20. Nights that the pain didn’t wake me up to take more tablets, I would feel very lucky. Now, after only 8 sessions of Float, most days I don’t need any painkillers and days that I do, it’s never more than 4 or 5 tablets.

Shahla, Launceston

I was intrigued by the idea of floating but had sometimes felt claustrophobic in small spaces. So I was nervous to float but when I actually tried it, I was fine, in fact I absolutely loved it. I felt incredibly calm and rested after my first float that it became a regular part of my self care regime.

Ella May, Legana

Floating is an unique and enjoyable remedy that gives me physical and emotional relief from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. I feel positive effects of weightlessness, freedom, warmth and healing long after a float. My body loves it and I do too!

R. Holmes, Launceston

Regular float sessions during my third trimester put my mind and body into a state of relaxation I didn’t know possible during the later stages of pregnancy. Not only was my body cleared of tension, my sleep improved, my mind was calm and clear and the experience of floating itself created an incredible connection between my baby and I. The whole experience at Liquid Zen left me blissfully calm and helped me prepare to welcome my baby into this world exactly as I’d always wanted.

Our little girl was born at home in the water, calm and content and has been this way ever since! As a health professional myself, I have always encouraged my pregnant patients to try float sessions. Now I can truly appreciate just how beneficial it can be for both our physical and mental well-being through pregnancy.

Ash L., Devonport

Thinking, thinking… thinking……. thinking. Nothing!

Peter, Launceston

This is a way I can switch off and quiet my mind. Floating provides me with relaxation and peacefulness, all while soothing my body of aches and pains in a weightless space.

Scott W., Launceston

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