September 19, 2021 - 5:00 pm

Pranic Floating – effortless relaxation (Online Event)

With: Jenny van den Bosch

Pranic Floating is lot like traditional epsom salt float therapy but you’re dry and you can do it anywhere you have internet connection!

Aim: As one in a series of sessions this Spring we are creating spaciousness of the mind and body so that you can fully rest, rebalance and optimise your inherent ability to heal and restore. You can participate in individual sessions as a stand alone experience or for full effect join the six-week series to be lead deeper into your own innate healing potential.

This session focuses on getting established in the fundamentals of Pranic Floating and accessing your inner stillness.

When: Sunday 19th September, at 5:00pm.

The Zoom session will go for approximately 30-40 minutes.

Cost: The price is up to you. There will be an opportunity for you to make a contribution of your choosing via a link in your booking confirmation. People are generally more committed to themselves and their outcomes if they have some ‘skin’ in the game. It’s like an energetic down-payment to the Universe, but how much is completely up to you 😊

What You Will Need: My main recommendation is to set yourself up, ideally laying on your back (if you can’t lie down on your back then in a comfortable reclined chair would work too). Using as many soft scrummy cushions, blankets, etc to ensure you are warm, super comfortable and away from distractions. Noise cancelling headphones are a good option as is a light scarf or cloth to rest over your eyes. It may be helpful to approach it like you would a float with Liquid Zen, where there’s a quiet comfortable space to sit after your session with a glass of water at the ready, a journal perhaps, soft lighting, nice smells… you get the picture 😊


Bookings no longer allowed on this date.