We’re so excited to have you back with us.

We’ve changed a few things since you last floated with us so here is a short clip to fill you in before your next float.

All the best bits are just as they were – the chance to step away from the hustle and slow it down.

We still have our friendly, warm-hearted staff, clean and homely space, awesome float rooms and of course peppermint tea! Here are the key changes we ask you to assist us with to allow everyone to have an enjoyable, peaceful and safe floating experience:

  • Arrive only 5 minutes before your float is scheduled to start to keep the flow through the reception area.

  • We have staggered the float start times to give each customer more space so we ask you to move quietly and mindfully through the float room area.

  • The filtration and pump cycle will be on a delay system so please remember to step out of your float when the exit music and lights come back on.

  • To assist with our sanitising procedures, always leave your used towels and earplugs in your suite room for staff to collect.

  • And to aid air circulation, please leave your suite room door open and the float room door ajar (about 5cm) as you exit.

We have also made a few changes for your comfort that we hope you’ll enjoy:

  • We have reduced the number of staff and guests in the building at any one time so it will feel more spacious and mellow. Perfect for some ‘you-time’ reflecting in the lounge or one on one with staff.

  • Staggered start times so that you have more flexibility in choosing a time that suits you.

  • Hand sanitiser that is gentle on the skin, alcohol free and last up to 24 hours!

  • Gorgeous, thermally insulated tea cups with lids for your drinking pleasure 🙂

  • Many float studios have removed their post-float lounge. We believe the opportunity to reflect and assimilate your experience is an important aspect of floating. So, we invite you to stop for a few moments on your way out and have a cuppa in the newly arranged lounge. We just ask you to be mindful that it is a small space and we want to allow everyone the chance to assimilate before heading out into the world.