Doing the Yoga House of Prana 4×4 challenge?

Limited Offer – only four float packages available

Starting November 4th 2018

Liquid Zen is offering four, 4×4 participants the opportunity to include float therapy in their month of personal challenge and wellbeing.

Finish (or start) the each week with a 60 minute float.

Once you have signed up with Yoga House of Prana you are then eligible to purchase your four float package. But be quick!!

4x4+4 yoga and float challenge

$20000for 4 floats - saving $116
  • valid for November 2018 only

*Purchase your 4×4+4 float package at Liquid Zen reception.

Floating is a fantastic partner for a regular yoga practice:

  • Replenish vital minerals that you lose through sweat

  • Relax your muscles after a workout

  • Speed up recovery time between classes

  • Improve your focus and presence during class

  • Reduce the mental chatter (that tries to talk you out of good stuff)

  • Increase your ability to handle challenges – and let’s face it 4 Bikram classes a week can test the best of us!


This is a way I can switch off and quiet my mind. Floating provides me with relaxation and peacefulness, all while soothing my body of aches and pains in a weightless space.

Scott W., Launceston

I was intrigued by the idea of floating but had sometimes felt claustrophobic in small spaces. So I was nervous to float but when I actually tried it, I was fine, in fact I absolutely loved it. I felt incredibly calm and rested after my first float that it became a regular part of my self care regime.

Ella May, Legana

My first floating experience was a little bit daunting as I didn’t know what to expect – now I can’t wait to go back!  I had the best ever sleep that night – 12 hours, and I don’t think I moved once!  I thoroughly recommend as one of the deepest relaxation experiences you may ever encounter.

R. Young , Launceston

Float has freed me from the chronic back pain that was with me for over 30 years. I used to take at least 10-12 painkillers to start my day, by bedtime this number would go up to 18-20. Nights that the pain didn’t wake me up to take more tablets, I would feel very lucky. Now, after only 8 sessions of Float, most days I don’t need any painkillers and days that I do, it’s never more than 4 or 5 tablets.

Shahla, Launceston

Thinking, thinking… thinking……. thinking. Nothing!

Peter, Launceston


Slider photo by Olivier Miche