Online meditation series:

‘trust who you are’

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

Let’s tackle the gritty up front, then we can relax.

Trust is a huge topic, emotive, edgy, it takes aeons to build and micro seconds to undermine. But cheer up,  the good news is – it’s worth every minute we invest in it. Trust is the foundation for any successful relationship and none more important than the one we have with ourselves. We are so worth it!

Take a dive with us into how to create a more trustworthy relationship with yourself. Letting go of doubt and the ‘mini-me’ chatter. You are invited into a deeper connection with yourself – one that you can enjoy and that holds you strong when needed. Move toward clarity, calm and dare we mention – sanity! 😉

High level trust = elevated peace and flow

So if you’re looking for greater flow through life, then join us in a 4 part, weekly series to explore this opportunity.

Who’s it designed for?

This series is created to move us beyond:

  • times when self-talk holds us back
  • getting side tracked or even railroaded by emotions
  • when the body is trying to tell us something, or
  • having trouble making good decisions or even just a decision

If any of these signs are niggling at you then you’ll reap the rewards from this series.

The details:

This 4-part series has weekly, in-house group sessions: part guided meditation, part self-inquiry, part chat.
  • When: Register your interest in the next ‘Trust Who You Are’ series. Depending on numbers we expect to be running the next series in June 2020 – dates to be confirmed.
  • Prerequisites: the willingness to look within and be honest with yourself. This is a supported introspective journey.
  • Facilitator: Jenny van den Bosch
I look forward to seeing you there, Jenny.

This is a standard meditation instruction that you can embody in the entirety of your life: do not act out and do not repress. See what happens if you don’t do either of those things.

Pema Chodron

trust photo by picsart@lilych6