What we’ve been adding to ensure your wellbeing is maintained at Liquid Zen well beyond December 15.

COVID-19 parachute image

Well our Tasmanian ‘COVID-freedom bubble’ is about to morph into a whole new dimension. We thought you might be interested to know what tweaks we’re making so that you can continue to confidently include floating in your self-care regime.

The key factors the World Health Organisation say to bear in mind in times of widespread COVID-19 transmission (thankfully that’s not Tassie at this point) are:

  • Fresh air – maximise
  • Distance – maximise
  • Time – minimise

Considering these and other WHO and National public health guidelines, the following strategies are being implemented at Liquid Zen:

What you might notice

  • You can’t see our smiles but we are giving you a welcome grin for sure under our face masks. According to the WHO, mask wearing is more a layer of protection for others than the wearer, but if you give us a wide berth (the standard 1.5 metres) then will help us too :).
  • You’ll be encouraged to use the Zoono hand sanitiser in the lounge once you have dropped off your personal bits and bobs, like car keys etc. This will give you all day protection by providing a virus busting barrier.
  • There will be a reminder sign on your suite room door asking you to leave your float room and suite room door ajar as you leave to head back to the lounge. This optimises our ventilation capacity ready for cleaning.
  • If your fellow floaters are banking up in the post-float lounge, then you’ll have the option of taking tea in your private ‘meditation’ lounge. Bliss!
  • Gorgeous hand-made (by Shekel, our resident potter) teacup labels so that you can be confident that it’s yours.
  • Also in the lounge, there is a 10-minute hourglass.  You can use this to indicate when to begin your transition back out into the big bright world, without being sucked back into the digital world.

What you might not notice but we do anyway.

  • Follow or exceed Government COVID-19 health directives.
  • Keep a scrupulously clean environment and take a multi-dimensional approach to protecting all of us from COVID-19 transmission. For example  inviting only symptom-free visitors/staff, cleaning, sanitising, ventilation, and social-distancing.
  • Train our staff in the latest COVID prevention measures.
  • Keep our close contact with others to a minimum.
  • Air the whole building between sessions.
  • Always consider your wellbeing as important as ours.
  • Maintain higher than required standards in room density so that you have much more space to relax in.
  • Strategically schedule our float sessions so that you have minimal cross-over with other guests.

Things you can do to support us to support you.

1. GO ONLINE – Do what you can electronically online e.g. book and pay, purchase electronic gift cards, sign waivers, etc. Of course you can always call us too.

2. ASSESS YOUR HEALTH – Stay home if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms:

► fever (or signs of fever, including chills or night sweats) ► cough ► sore/itchy throat ► runny nose ► shortness of breath ► loss of taste or smell.

COVID-19 can also cause the following symptoms, on their own or with other symptoms: ► headaches ► muscle and joint pain ► nausea/feeling sick, vomiting ► diarrhoea ► loss of appetite ► fatigue/extreme tiredness.

3. COME ON TIME – Unless invited early, please arrive on time. This means ideally arriving only 5 minutes prior to your appointment time (unless you’re new then 15 minutes is ideal).

4. SOCIAL DISTANCING – We love seeing you and you’re probably excited to get floating so this is a gentle reminder to send us your good vibes and excitement from at least 1.5 metres away.

5. MINIMISE PERSONAL BELONGINGS – Bring as little with you as possible.

6. USE ZOONO – Use our Zoono 24 hour protection hand sanitiser in the lounge to give us all great protection.

7. AIR YOUR ROOM – Leave your suite room and float room doors open as you leave to allow the fresh air in and leave all used towelling, rubbish in your suite room.

8. BE MINDFUL OF TIME – Consider the time you are spending in communal areas such the lounge and reception and aim to be heading back out into the world around the 10-15 minute mark. Also, if you’re renowned for having long showers then please consider keeping them brief.

We are feeling well prepared for this new phase of travelling freedoms and all that it brings to our wonderful island. So, we are looking forward to continuing to evolve with you and provide you the best floating experience you will find.

In confidence together, your Liquid Zen Team 🙂